How To: Quick Tutorial for New Google Slides Presentation 2019

welcome to my tutorial on Google slides by far my favorite Google Apps productivity tool when everything you will need to know to be an expert Google slides user I’ll be going through the video pretty quickly so make sure you pause the video and try out the feature that I will be showing you let’s get started first you can go to click on new then slides to create a new blank slides presentation or choose one of google’s templates also if you have an existing presentation that you created in another program like Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s keynote you can import and convert them to slides presentations by going to new file upload and choosing the presentation another way you can get started is to slides google comm here you can see your recent presentations and filter them by owner at the top click on template gallery to see all the different types of presentation templates let’s go ahead and create a blank presentation on the right you have themes to choose from you can also create your own template and import it as a theme here first type in the title of your presentation at the top left corner before I begin my work I always go to page setup go to file page setup and choose the ratio that you want your slides to be I like my presentations to be widescreen but many of you work on presentations in the standard 4 by 3 ratio here’s the title slide click in the text boxes to add text to modify anything on your slide go to the toolbar at the top change the font on the text by clicking on the text box or highlighting the text and then going to the toolbar you can also add more fonts if you don’t like what you see in the list select your favorite fonts click OK and then they will be added to the list next to the font style is the font size and text color these features will not appear if you don’t select text or the text box let’s go ahead and insert a new slide click on the plus button or if you have a specific layout click on the drop down arrow you can also move around the slides to place them in the order of your choosing in the toolbar you can change the background of the slide it’s layout and also its theme as you can see the Faust Isle and size are changed back into its default settings it would be incredibly tedious to create new slides and make all the changes over and over again to combat this I go to view then master where I can make changes to my master slide which will then affect every other slide in the presentation this is important to me because I prefer specific fonts sizing and spacing for my presentations so now when I insert a new slide all my preferences are present all right back to the second slide let’s create a text box click and drag to create a box you have additional options in the toolbar to align line space add numbered or bulleted lists decrease in increase indentation and clear formatting you can also add a link to text by highlighting the text and clicking on the link icon you can link the text to a specific slide or to a URL slides also provide you with suggestions of websites and your google app documents based on the text you typed to delete any items on the slide click on the item and press Delete on your keyboard this works for anything on Google slides to delete multiple items highlight the items or hold shift on your keyboard and select all the items you can move them all together at once and even modify the items all at the same time I will go ahead and delete the text boxes now let’s add images to the slide click on the image icon or go to insert then image you can upload an image from your computer I have an image on my desktop so I’ll drag it into my box you can crop your image by double clicking it and adjusting the small black boxes you can also mask the image by clicking on the drop-down arrow and choosing a shape when inserting an image you can also take a snapshot of yourself make sure to click the allow button on the Adobe Flash Player settings to access your camera and mic you can paste in an image URL add an image from your Google+ albums from your Google Drive and even from Google life and stock images now let’s insert a video again go to insert video and search for videos from YouTube paste the URL of a YouTube video or add a video from your Google Drive I’ll go ahead and search for my YouTube tutorial on how to use Google Drive you can double click on the video to play it or you can go to present mode you can also insert a chart let’s choose a bar graph you can change the data by clicking on this icon that will send you to a Google sheet change the data and go back to the slide and click update to see the changes I’m going to also a table identifying the dimensions of the table I’ll go ahead copy the data from the spreadsheet by pressing command C for Mac or ctrl C for Windows then pasting it into the table with command V for max or ctrl V for Windows next up are shapes there are shapes arrows call-outs and equations all of them can be used for different purposes I sometimes these shapes for decorative purposes first choose the shape then click and drag to create the shape you can change its color as well as its line color I always make my lines transparent you can rotate your shape by using the small circle at the top and also flip the shape by going to arrange rotate and flip I can also customize the color by going to custom and changing the darkness or lightness of the color its opacity and also inserting an HTML color code I’m going to go ahead and make my green a bit transparent [Music] now we have a decorative border shades can also be used to create mindmaps let’s add a few shapes in the slide double click on these shapes to add text select a specific type of line I’ll use an arrow when hovering over your shape you will find small blue circles that you can click on to start your line and drag it to of a specific location or to another shapes blue circle you can change the line wait – start and end there are additional line tools like scribble where you can draw freely with your mouse or trackpad it’s a great feature for signing your signature we also have elbow connectors curved connectors curved and polyline tools you can use the curve or polyline tools to create a vector image here are some vector images I created using Google slides I want to insert a vector image I created on another presentation into this presentation to do this go to insert import slide and select the presentation then choose the slide or slides you want to import as you can see my Panda vector image is made up of shapes that I created using the polyline tool to undo my actions hold command Z for Max or ctrl Z for Windows here’s how you use the polyline tool choose the tool and click the corners of your shape and connect it back to the starting-point creating and putting together your shapes will create your vector image double click on the shape to see the nodes that you can manipulate to adjust the shape I like to use the zoom tool to zoom in and make precise edits and then click here to zoom out to fit under view you can find more options to zoom in and out also let’s say you would like a shape or an object to go behind another item you can hold command for max or control for Windows and press the down arrow on your keyboard or bring it back up by pressing the up arrow since this image is a logo I’m going to add the logo name go to insert and then word art to create decorative text that you can manipulate easier than you can with the text box if you want to change the size of the word art but not change the proportions simply hold shift and adjust the sizing check out the description below to find a link to a video that I made that shows you how to create your own vector images another cool feature is animation where objects in your slide are in motion during presentation mode first click on an object and go to view then animation on the right click on add animation and choose an animation type then the start condition and finally the speed of the animation I will get my next image and animation as well you can choose which objects will be animated first click play and try out your animations you can also add slide transitions which are animation like effects that occur when you move from one slide to the next to do this click on the slide on the left then slide and change transition or you can simply click on the transition button in the toolbar then choose a specific transition you can click this button to apply the transition to every slide click play to see what the transition will look like the best part about Google slides is that you can collaborate with others in real time and leave feedback and questions you might have for your team members to share your presentation click on the blue share button type in the email addresses of the people you want to share with choose what kind of access you want them to have and then click send to leave comments for feedback or questions click on an item like this slide then click on the add comment button and type in your comment if the comment is for a specific person type in their email address and if it’s a task he or she needs to complete check the box to assign that comment to that person the person will be notified via email if you go to file you will see the option to make a copy of your presentation move your presentation to a specific folder in your Google Drive see the revision history of who made edits to what part of your presentation publisher presentation through a link or embedded code for a blog or website and finally download your presentation in a different format if ever I create a vector image with Google slides I download the image on a specific slide by clicking on the slide and then downloading it as a jpg image or PNG file this is the end of the tutorial I hope you learned a lot about this powerful tool please click the like button if you enjoyed the video and subscribe to this channel for more videos like this thanks for watching [Music]