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It’s no wonder that is trusted by thousands of businesses every day. There’s no special hardware to install and you can be making calls in minutes.

Redirect all incoming calls to the number of your choice. See the name and number for incoming calls—even if you’re on the line with someone else. The Company shall generally identify on the bill the name of the country called based on the standards set forth by the International Telecommunications Union . However, political disputes about country boundaries and naming, as well as agreements the Company has with its foreign carrier partners, may result in variations in the identification of country name. The Company’s billing practices are in no way intended to indicate a position on the merits of a border dispute or a claim to statehood. You can add up to 300 minutes per month of direct-dialed calls to 120 countries and destinations. You can add up to 500 minutes per month of direct-dialed calls to 120 countries and destinations.

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With a click of your Fios TV remote, you can now use your TV to view call logs;, listen to voicemails and control simultaneous ring. Save frequently called contacts, as well as key information, such as email address, home address and much more. You can also import contact information from an email program or phone book. You can easily turn this feature off for important calls when you don’t want interruptions. Stop up to 100 unwanted numbers from ringing through to your phone.

Offering multiple carrier options for call delivery ensures that calls get where they need to go. If an issue occurs with one call, we seamlessly and invisibly route the call to another. With, you can mix and match plans, so everyone gets the capabilities they need, and you keep costs down. A modern feature set that will make your business as well equipped as any big enterprise. You’ll enjoy conferencing, texting, sophisticated call management, and more.

Check availabilityto see what plans are available in your area and start connecting with your friends and family on the 100% fiber-optic network. Give out virtual numbers to different people—then assign distinctive ringtones (short, long, etc.) to each one so you’ll know who’s calling. Search for a number that has your favorite digits or spells something out. Then call your local Verizon business office to see if it’s available.

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The Moto G7 is the best budget phone we’ve tried hands down. The middle of Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 devices is powerful and large, without being ridiculous. If you have $100 to spend on a phone, you need one that covers its bases. Premium, pocketable and packed with all the features you need to level up your photography and power you through the day. The Galaxy A51 proves that Samsung can make a good $400 phone that people will actually want to use. Make your life easier with features like Do Not Disturb, Call Logs, Audio Conferencing, and Click-to-Call.

Be notified via text or email when you get new voicemail. Even get the message itself attached to the email as an audio file. Talk to any other Fios Digital Voice or Verizon voice customers for free.

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Automatically forward calls to any skype download for windows 10 number you choose, in case of a power outage. With Fios Digital Voice, Caller ID information is also saved to your call logs. Our easy-to-use online interface lets you access call logs, hear messages and manage many other features from any Internet connection.